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Milano, Italy

A self-taught clay sculptor, Giancarlo Benini develops this artistic passion during his university years.
A career in the banking field leads Benini to a progressive creative strain between his passion and his working activity: creativity pops up in all artistic directions, such as videomaking, screenwriting and design.
It is exactly design and "the quest" for its three dimensions, often found piercing the sheet with the pencil, that inspire his first attempts in modelling clay.
For several years sculpture is the private backyard where time flows slowly and where the artist enjoys his dirty hands even more the results.
But the results of his work bring Giancarlo in front of positive feedbacks due to the stunning elegance of his giant-handed sculptures.
Their deformity is a new aesthetical paradox as well as a means to widen the gesture and message that their giant hands convey.
The success of his first exhibition "Manui" (2010) is Giancarlo's breakthrough, strengthening his self belief and his will to communicate.
Right after "Manui" it's the turn of the "Empty heads", another clean idea striking the classical canon.

Collective exhibition:

Influenze, Art&Co gallery, Milan, March 2012
Dude party, Dude pruduction, Milan, November 2011
Art fair:
AAF 2012, Superstudio Più, Milan, Febraury 2012
Solo exhibition:
MANUI, Oggi Non Ho Fretta, Milan, October, 2010

Press and comment:
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